Kabbalat K'tan Shabbat

Welcoming Shabbat with Music. 

Featured in the URJ webinar "Family Shabbat Worship for Every Age and Stage!"  (http://urj.org/learning/meetings/webinars/archive/)

Using music as the vehicle to capture the essence of the liturgy in an engaging and memorable way, Kabbalat K'tan Shabbat© increases familiarity with the Friday night Shabbat prayer service, in a format simple enough for preschoolers to enjoy and sophisticated enough to provide an exceptional experience for adults.

The Kabbalat K'tan Shabbat service, while traditional in its structure, is renewed with original liturgical settings and brief leader-led scripting or stories between each song, to offer explanation of each prayer.

  • The next step up from a Tot Shabbat service
  • A traditional service that's appropriate for a congregation's younger members
  • A mostly musical experience of liturgy
  • A service unlike any other you've ever experienced
  • Easy to adapt and perform

The complete Kabbalat K'tan Shabbat package includes everything the service leader and congregation will need: an easy to follow siddur for the congregation, and Leader's Guide with lead sheets, lyric/chord sheets and CDs.