Micah Kids Choir

A cheery collection of originals written by Lisa Silver, Jewish educator Teri Simon and friends. Lisa is joined by the Congregation Micah Kids Choir in Brentwood (Nashville) TN, giving you an opportunity to hear how these catchy tunes can sound with kids in your congregation.

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In the fall of 1997, Congregation Micah was still in its early stages. A temple built on the teachings of the prophet Micah, it sought to truly be a "grass roots" congregation, drawing from its membership to build, strengthen, unite, and celebrate Reform Judaism in Nashville. In this seeking, new congregant Wendy Spira had a good idea: with so much musical talent at Micah, there could be something really cool, "out of the box", and a great Jewish experience for kids. Wendy enlisted the help of friend and musical collaborator, Lisa Silver, to form a Kids Choir. Consulting with then Micah's Cantorial Soloist Dan Nichols, the pair drafted Teri Simon to the effort. The women became fast friends, worked well together ( read: we laughed a lot!) and very soon, the Micah Kids Choir was born! At first, the music the kids sang consisted of old favorites and new settings of well-known songs. But, given their creative natures and bent toward having even MORE fun, the women set to writing their own tunes. Lo and behold, the songs were instant congregational hits! ( OK, it didn't hurt that the kids were just so adorable). As the Micah kids grow and change, our Kids Choir changes from year to year, but the songs are still perennial favorites. We hope that your congregation will enjoy them as well.