"Truly one of the most sensitive, stunning and inspiring voices in Jewish music. As for her gorgeous music... an unforgettable rendition of "Sim Shalom" and a completely original "Hineini" that is absolutely one of the most powerful Jewish songs I have EVER heard. I am honored to lead Shabbat services by her side."

- Michael Hunter Ochs - Gesher - Review of Mosaic

"This wonderful collection shines with the energy of lots of folks with incredible track records who lend their talents to support Lisa's collection of modern Jewish Pop material. Their wisdom, combined with Lisa's own greatness and wisdom, provides a wealth of listening. I recommend "Hineini", when everyone comes together in a perfectly written, gut wrenchingly well-performed musical moment that we singer/songwriters always strive towards, but rarely, if ever, achieve."

- Beth Sass - Songwriter / Performer / Music Educator - Review of Mosaic