My Forever Family


"...a dynamic audio tape which highlights feelings on adopting and being also gives a glimpse of the process and feelings their parents experienced."
-- Friends of Children of Various Nations
Denver, Colorado
"Happy, upbeat songs that only add to a child's self esteem. They are appropriate for all kids, no matter where they were born."
-- -- M.E. Froelich
Resolve of Twin Cities

"Adoption eduacation doesn't have to be somber and serious -- or even direct! My Forever Family, casually dropped in among the collection of cassettes in the car, is a great way to open the doors of communication!"
-- -- Pat Johnston
Adoption Educator & author of Adopting After Infertility
"I love the tape, and more importantly, so do (my children) Evangeline (8) and Anita (3)...I think that in this tape, Lisa Silver and Wendy Spira have given parents a vehicle for presenting adoption terms and ideas to young children in a very happy way..."
-- -- Laurel Strassberger
Latin American Parents Association
National Capitol Region
"Don't buy this tape. Your children will drive you crazy, as they will have all the lyrics memorized in about 30 minutes. Of course, if the alternative is listening to endless selections by Madonna, perhaps you should invest in a copy for each child."
-- -- Jeri Ann Jenista, M.D.
Pediatrician and nationally known adoption authority
and adoptive mother of four Indian-born daughter